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The Fox Challenge is an untimed race, organized by and for First Nations, where participants try to become Foxes!

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The Fox Challenge is made possible with the support of the New Pathways Foundation through its Niska Project

About the Fox Challenge

What is the Fox 🦊 Challenge?
It is an untimed race, organized by and for First Nations, where the participants try to become Foxes!

Through, to, walk, run, or snowshoe the distance of 2km. The Foxes are then rewarded with a medal one of a kind and with the mention of the Fox in all the indigenous languages of Quebec.

Already a Fox?
It is precisely when you reach the title of Fox that the challenge becomes all the more interesting! Once the challenge is 2km realized, you have the opportunity to move on to the next challenge. To this day, 4km and 6km challenges are available, and others will be added over time.

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"Wow, we were just in need of a project BY and FOR First Nations to increase the level of physical activity of its population, in a fun setting. LA BELLE VIE!"

Roger Vachon

"A challenging project that will not fail to be of interest to both young people and their parents. Congratulations for this beautiful initiative!"

Pierre Lavoie

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Order your next medal

Would you like to participate in the Challenge? It all starts here! Order your medal and we will send it to you quickly by mail. If you've already completed the Fox Challenge (2km), this is also where you'll order your next medals!

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Medal of the Fox (2km)

Want to participate in the Challenge? Order this very first medal to start the adventure!

It's simple:

  1. You receive the medal by mail
  2. You walk, run or snowshoe for the distance of 2 kilometers, right around your house
  3. You become a FOX and can wear the medal
  4. You move on to the next challenge!

You will receive by mail:

  • The Fox medal (in a separate envelope that you will not open until the 2 km Challenge has been completed)
  • A tubular scarf in the colors of the Challenge
  • A high quality bag
  • A pamphlet explaining how the Challenge works

Medal of the Porcupine (4km)

Order this medal if you already completed the FOX Challenge (2km) and are now ready for the next step: Walking, running or snowshoeing for 4 kilometers!

This order comes with the medal (which you'll only open once the 4km-challenge is complete, a high-quality bag and a tubular headwear.

Medal of the Hare (6km)

Order this medal if you have already completed the Fox Challenge (2km) and Porcupine Challenge (4km) Challenges, and you feel ready to complete the 6 km distance!

Medal of the Beaver (8km)

Wow did you really already complete the Fox, Hare and Porcupine challenges??

This means you're ready for this next challenge: 8km!

So, what will be your next challenge?


To organize the Fox Challenge in your community or for your event (or for any other question), contact us here.

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